Using bone conduction to listen to relaxing music through the SoundAsleep® Sound Bar eliminates the need for ear phones or a wearable device, which may be uncomfortable or stop you from also hearing what is happening around you.

Delivering sound to you without disturbing others. Ensuring maximum comfort, allowing you to comfortably relax for a good night’s sleep.

Bone conduction technology delivers sound to the sleeper without disturbing others.

Includes a Bluetooth adaptor suitable for Apple and Android phones.

Works directly off your phone or music player.

Play music or sound from your favourite Apps.

No batteries required.

Flexible and easy to fit into any pillow or pillowcase.

Bone Conduction Technology

SoundAsleep® performs the role of your ear drums. It decodes the sound waves and converts them into vibrations that are received directly by the cochlea travelling through your bones.

Normal Hearing

Sound travels through ear canal

Bone Conduction

Sound travels directly to cochlea

How to use the
SoundAsleep® Sound Bar

Inside the pillow

Under the pillow

Inside the pillowcase

Play the sound that you love from your favourite APPs

All APPs from IOS/Android APP store are compatible with SoundAsleep®




Insight Timer

Relax Melodies



Sound Cloud


YouTube Music

Apple Music


myTuner Radio


ABC listen

ABC listen

Podcast Addict

ABC listen



Google Play Books

Smart AudioBook Player

Free AudioBooks



ABC Kids Listen

Spotify Kids


Fairy Tales


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