about us

Since our beginnings in Protect-A-Bed® as a provider of mattress protection, we have been driven by a commitment to the efficacy of our products, and a deeply held belief that great companies deliver on their promises. They do what they’re going to do. We develop and manufacture much of what we make in Australia and are committed to this into the future. Sleep Corp® is a privately held company and headquartered in Melbourne, Australia with teams throughout Australia and New Zealand. Today, our brands's include Protect-A-Bed®, Moonshadow™, Buddies®, Lifenest™ and Dreampad. Brands that are proudly stocked in major retailers and on online businesses across both Australia and New Zealand.

We are in business, as we aim to be
in life - caring, humble, and always curious.

We contribute individual talents, but we
act boldly as one team.

We pursue excellence, always working
to the goal of 10/10.

In a fast-changing market, we are ferociously
action-oriented. These are the things that drive us.

Can you imagine a world where we all wake up rested, safe in the sanctuary of the bedroom and take on the day with a clear head and that fresh feeling that only comes from a perfect night of sleep? We can. It’s why we devote every waking minute to helping people achieve the kind of rest we all dream of. Because we believe that great sleep is the silver bullet which unlocks human potential, and sets up a great life. In fact, without it, what hope is there? And so this is what drives us. We are Sleep Corp®, and while we come from humble beginnings, now we reach for the stars.And we won’t stop until every person on earth can wake up rested, refreshed, and ready to go out and take on the world. Because if there’s anything we know it’s this. When you’re sleeping well, you’re living well.