Sleep Corp® history

OUR history


From these early beginnings, the company set about building a business based on the simple philosophy of delivering on promises; to customers, retailers, employees and suppliers.

In 1985, our first factory was acquired, and in 1990, Snugfit™ grew beyond South Africa and moved to Australia. 

From there, the business grew rapidly over time and partners, distributors and resellers were added in 48 countries worldwide making our waterproof mattress protector the world's No. 1 seller.

In 2000, the business began to trade as Snugfit™ with its flagship brand Protect-A-Bed®, beginning a period of steady growth, adding brands like Buddies®, Dreampad, Lifenest™ and Moonshadow™ to the portfolio over the following years.

In 2018, recognising a need to widen our horizons beyond mattress protection and top of bed; we became Sleep Corp®. Protect-A-Bed® remains a key part of our history and a big part of our future - but there is much more to come as we deliver on our belief that when you sleep well, you live well.


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